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Scilla (pronounced sheella) is a stunningly-located fishing village in the Calabria region, in the south of Italy, on the toe of Italy’s boot. A rocky spur topped with an ancient fortress separates two narrow strips of seashore hemmed in by steep hillsides. Scilla is squeezed into this restricted and picturesque landscape and it is an unforgettable sight.

Scilla is straight out of myths; it is traditionally the home of the fearsome monster Scylla who, along with Charybdis (over the sea towards Sicily) guarded the narrow Strait of Messina and menaced Odysseus / Ulysses as he sailed by. According to the town’s tourist information leaflet “the origins of the castle date back to Ulysses”. Even if you don’t believe the mythological connections, the geography of Scilla’s castle on a commanding outcrop guarding the entrance to this important shipping route must have made it an important site for millennia.

Today Scilla is a pretty little town where visitors can relax on the beach, visit the castle or wander through the old fishing settlement taking photographs.


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