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Calabria, the “toe of Italy’s boot,” is a picturesque region in southern Italy with mountains, beaches… but the food of Calabria is what gets us really excited!

Calabria’s produce and seafood are well enjoyed with its hearty, local red wine. Many dishes are a mix of fresh ingredients, preserved vegetables, and meats and fish with oil and spices.

Want to know what to eat in Calabria? Here are some of our favorite dishes of the region!

‘Nduja: One of Calabria’s most famous and beloved foods! The unique soft, spreadable spicy sausage really brings the heat, thanks to its blend of local chili peppers found in the dish. We love it on crispy bread and fresh pasta.

Cipolla rossa di Tropea: Many of Calabria’s vibrant dishes get their flavor from this famous onion (grown in Tropea), recognized by its bold purple red exterior and sweet flavor! You’ll see this onion in salads, pastas, meats… and even on pizza!

Lagane e cicciari: Calabria’s tradition of cucina povera (peasant cuisine) boasts some of the most simple, yet flavorful, comfort food dishes! One of our favorites is the pasta dish made with wide noodles, chickpeas, garlic and oil.

Pasta ccu ri sarde: Fresh sardines are a staple in Calabrian cuisine and are especially delicious in this sweet and salty, Arab-inspired pasta dish with breadcrumbs, raisins and pine nuts.

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Photo by Bex.Walton

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