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4 of the best restaurants close to Pizzo Beach Club
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Where is the nearest ATM or Bank to Pizzo Beach Club?

CREDEM Bank in Curinga

It is always very important to know the location of an ATM or Bank, while on holiday in Calabria.
Many restaurants will not accept payment by credit or debit card , especially in the tourist season.
So we always advise visitors to the resort, to always carry enough cash with you, when planning an evening out with family and friends.
Here we have provided a map with the exact location of the nearest ATM to Pizzo Beach Club.
If by some chance you go to the ATM and it is not working on a weekend day, then you can be guaranteed it will not be operational again until the bank opens again on Monday.

CREDEM Bank in Pizzo

The next nearest ATM to Pizzo Club Resort is approximately 11km and a 9 minute drive form the resort.
Even though this bank is slightly further away, it is the most popular bank for visitors, as it's location is en-route
to the popular historic town center, where you have easier accessibility to restaurants, bars, shops and supermarkets.
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