Ed Sheeran plays FREE concert in Tropea to celebrate his recent purchase of a villa in the scenic town

Rumors have it that the popular singer has just recently purchased a 7 bed luxurious villa in the scenic town of Tropea, overlooking the turquoise clear […]

Sunset tonight at Tropea

Photo by artq55

In the off-season in Southern Italy’s Calabria, Tropea is a seaside find

With a year-round population of just under 7,000, Tropea’s modern “new” town and its old quarter are both small enough to walk around in a few […]

Queen Elizabeth has a soft spot for the red Tropean onion

Queen Elizabeth has on average 200kg of Tropean red onions shipped every year to Buckingham palace. Read the full article here! http://www.reportageonline.it/la-regina-elisabetta-mangia-calabrese-la-cipolla-rossa-di-tropea-regna-anche-a-buckingham-palace/

Today in Tropea

Ryanair announce new routes to Lamezia

New routes from Milan to Lamezia announced with Ryanair! #ryanair #milan #lamezia #calabria READ MORE
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